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Posted on 04/20/2009

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I am a man with much time on his hands. I would love to find the love of my life but have missed her for too many years. I have only told two women in my life and would travel across the world for someone that inspires love in me. I am devoted and cherish she who I love and I want the best for her and for her to realize all her dreams and wants and goals. I am not money oriented at all. Meaning I could live in a grass hut on the beach. I love nature. I love people. I help those that I can that really want to better their lives. I believe in respect and communication and find most people today hung up on looks,money, power and impressing other people. Wanna impress me? Help a stranger and expect nothing in return. Now that impresses me and what the world desperately needs. Can you rough it camping meaning tents and sleeping bags? Or do you need a suite in a hotel. I guess defining success is way different for me. Today is eary but already successful since I saw the sun come up and watched a hawk call for its mate.

I am in pretty average shape for a 55 year old man. Meaning I got a bit of a tummy.. My clothing style is atrocious.. I have no style.. LOL.. I am not up on those things. My ex wife laid out my clothes and it made her happy to do so.. So I was happy in wearing them.

Honesty and loyalty and compassion are the most important things to me. I give more than most emotionally and to the success of my partner. I need the intellectual to really be stimulated.. And I love the intimacy of being in love.. Not sex, but closness.. I do love sex though...

If you can keep my attention you can capture my heart and then might be loved like you have always wanted to be...

Women around my age are stuck in ruts.. Not that I Do not give everyone a fair chance.. but if you are not willing to take risks to really live life.. Then we will go nowhere.. I accept that change is the road to learning and that risk brings great rewards but also at times sorrow.. So I challenge life.. And I challenge people to always be more...

Ok so now you got the nickel tour of me!
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