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Posted on 04/20/2009

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United Arab Emirates
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Life is a journey where we all have our own path to take. Sadly, it doesn\'t always go to the direction we thought it would be. Regardless how hard, things will always fall to pieces again, peace, smiles, laughter. That is the beauty of life. I know my destiny is written in the stars of heaven where something wonderful that I never dreamed would happen will be just around the corner of my new daily path. I would choose not to let any chances pass me by. Living in denial is a common act one would do to face life. That is the only thing that I just can\'t do. I don\'t need to be an angel to the world to say I am kind, or a cert to endorse that I am smart. Success and money can buy anything. Even friends. But it can never buy peace or happiness in our hearts. It\'s within me , my sincerity to give, I don\'t expect anything in return for my own gain. Pure honesty and respect are gestures which are fatally important in life.

I guess i have a n eye catching personality...
Know me more and judge urself...|

Someone understanding and easy to communicate with...
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