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Posted on 04/20/2009

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United States
Somewhere in Washington
In my own words:
My friends would describe me as a funny,crazy and always happy, easy going, funny, Wild kinda Guy with a great deal of character and a Big heart for God and others.
I'm a "REAL" person A True Cowboy at Heart and try to be transparent when dealing with people. I'm Creative, Passionate, Loving, sensitive, affectionate, determined, hard working, funny, active, a great Dancer, wonderful with kids, great sense of humor, easy going,straight forward,honest,loyal and strive to do the right thing. well balanced right brain and left brain, intuitive, swimmer, ambitious, always striving for better, perfectionist,warm,make people feel comfortable at once, interesting conversationalist. Self sufficient, appreciative, realizing the best moment in life, and try to enjoy every second of it. I love Country/Tejano dancing I love going to rodeos. Im 100% Tejano ( Texas ) Cowboy. But these are some of the smallest elements that make me a person ! But I am also a very overly sensitive, stubborn, no tolerance for stupidity, and I don't like to settle for less in life!!!!! I am very easily bored with uninteresting people that have nothing to offer,share or talk about.

'Im looking for someone toned,fit,average or someone that does not let them selves go. But keeps themselve healthy. Im not fat I just like to keep in shape. Nor am I Mr Muscle. Im just average. My faith in God makes me who I am but I'm not a legalistic, Bible thumpin religious nut! I just try to live my life the way HE wants me to and hope maybe some little thing I do or say touches someone's heart or life.

I want to make my new relationship to last a life time. Never compromise for some one you do not love. Never marry a person that you are not a 100% in love with, Thinking that love will come later. Cause once you are married you better make dang sure that your partner is your soulmate, and your lover is the # 1 person in your life.
He or she should get treated better than any one you have ever lived with or been friends with, you should never do any thing to make him or her feel less than a Man or a Woman. You should treat that person with Love and respect, and to stand behind that person through any thing in life.
To be so close to each other that no one can even dare to come between the two of you. To be so comfortable with each other that he or she does not have to find comfort some where else. To satisfy each other's needs physically and sexually that he or she does not have to look else where. Compliment each other on daily basis and tell each other how much that person means to you and your life.
But the truth is, that nun of us are perfect and that is the time in our lives that we get to actually practice our knowledge,patience, tolerance, and understanding, coping with problems, and communicating to each other, family values and so on. Only then we can perhaps make an almost perfect match to an absolute Love and happiness.
If you have any questions, you can ask them directly and freely. and I can be reached on my personal email address at etexscwboy at netscape dot net etexscwboy@netscape.net So if interested E-mail me and we'll see where it ends up. God Bless to everyone looking for their match.
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