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Posted on 04/20/2009

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By day I'm an accountant, and at night I am a relaxed, fun and easy-going guy who has more interests than the average human. Life is grand, and there's only a couple of things I would change about it - I'm working on one of those right here! I want a true partner that I can communicate with openly about anything. I love the outdoors, but don't get enough time out there. I love teaching my martial arts - it's my number one hobby (Medieval Swordsmanship - now isn't that different?)! I've been told I have great humour, although sometimes for me it's just a stress reliever. I guess it makes other people laugh, so that helps. I'm very passionate about my interests and my kids. It's been my weakness a couple of times in the past (but once burned, never twice). Did I mention that I love my life?

I have a varied style. Obviously for work I have to be very professional, but outside of there I can be a T-shirt and jeans kind of guy or be very comfortable in a tuxedo. My hair is always kept short (it's pretty crazy if it isn't - like when I was in my early 20's). I'm fairly fit, and like to take care of myself. I expect the same from my lady.

I want a true partner -- someone I can be completely open with, who shares my values, who wants to pursue the same things in life that I do, and wants to help me along the way, just as I help her. I want someone who is willing to share my triumphs and failures (yes, there will be both. That's life, and I expect that. It's the only way to move forward). It's nice to have someone to cry with and to laugh and scream with in the best of times, too! I want someone who is interested in a close, personal life with me, who isn't afraid of affection, and who keeps herself in the kind of condition that makes me proud to be with her. And I want someone who isn't afraid of being a step-mom (even pert-time) to my kids. I want an emotionally stable, intellectually mature woman who knows herself well, and isn't afraid of facing challenges and whatever the future holds.
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