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About me well, i cant judge my self but i think am a ugly man hummm,how do i even start to describe myself.i\\\'ll make it short and sweet i\\\'m very driven and i work really hard for what i have,i have a good job and car,my own home and i am planning to be an investor.i may be ugly but my inside is just bursting with good things to share in a relationship,i am confident enough to know what i deserve,but humble enough to accept rejection.i know what i want and am dead-set against setting,so i am not in a hurry for anything,however i would like to meet you ASAP after chatting it up.because you\\\'ll never know if sparks will fly on all levels until you\\\'re face to face and that\\\'s what i want.SPARKS.i don\\\'t care how far away you are,although i would like to keep it in the inperson .obviously i haven\\\'t found love now,so who\\\'s to say Mrs.Right isn\\\'t in some other state, country or where you at?

you will get to know all that when we are together

Well, first of all, She has to have good smile. I\\\'m talking straight and white. I can\\\'t think about being close to someone without a nice smile. she must be intelligent. , . I want my woman to have the same ambition as I do. I am a goal setter and achiever. I know what I am capable of, and I set realistic goals and don\\\'t let anything get in my way of reaching them. I have dreams too, and my other half must be able to support me, just as I will support her. she must realize that a relationship is a two way street and if you scratch my back i will scratch yours. I am not looking for anything that comes along and pays attention to me. I want a woman that is going to give me everything I give her. Everything from time and respect to the sexual side of things. I am very giving by nature .and my ideal woman will be too. she has to have her own opinion and not be afraid to go head to head with me on certain subjects. I don\\\'t want a push over. I want someone to prove to me everyday that I am not always right and to put me in my place. I want a woman who I can talk to for hours about nothing inparticular. I don\\\'t want there to ever be a dull moment. I want someone who doesn\\\'t mind having me prove my love and commitment to her every single day even if it\\\'s just by words .
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