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Posted on 06/18/2014

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United Kingdom
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I am a very excellent kisser, one that likes to build Passionate intensity. Extremely tender hearted, with a very expressive manner a hopeless unredeemed tendency to be Emotional, and Receptive in nature. It is my desire to be extremely enchanting clever, which makes me I believe Romantic and Passionately interesting. I am a Free Spirited, totally spontaneous Unconventional man. Deeply in touch with my Feminine characteristics of Humanity, Caring, and Empathic, Loving. Being a mysterious Piscean (born in March), I am what I think of as those still waters that run very deep, in with my nature of pure sensuality.

Being altogether an honest person, with a deeply Sensitive nature, plus being an older experienced man, I think I know what ladies are looking for: Kindness, Sincerity, Tenderness, Empathy, Intelligence, and Sensuality. It is my nature to be Intuitive, Charming and Considerate. I possess a Great Sense of Humour. I care for unusual things like: good Communication, Massage, and Reflexology. My Personality is Independent Practical and Strong-Willed. I enjoy being Generous Expressive, Enthusiastic, with an Adventurous and Enchanting character. Extremely passionate, and knows how to treat a lady like a lady, knows just what to do, and to help ladies reach fulfilment, using a vast reservoir of imagination. I strongly believe I am Astute, and a gifted Conversationalist with many broad interesting and open interests.

Always a real man, a man who knows what Ladies like & most importantly I know how to treat a Lady like a Lady.
Spontaneous, romantic, and Passionate
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