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An Russian mail order bride service is different from Russian dating services. The Russian marriage agency offer to introduce for Russian women single guys are called Russian mail order brides service. In this case, an Russian bride does not have to register herself at any Russian marriage agency, but the Russian marriage agency register a profile for Russian brides by themselves. If foreigners who look for Asians from these Russian marriage agencies, then they will get first contact directly from the agencies, then the marriage agency lets Russian bride know about whoever is interested in contacting her. They go from there.

Some Russian mail order brides do not speak English or they speak and write English just a little bit. Western guys must be patient to teach them when they marry with Russian brides. When Russian brides become Russian wives for these Western men, they can learn from their husbands many things, such as how to live, how to cook Western food, and most importantly, English because it is a communication between her and her husband. The husbands also teach their Russian brides many new things in life. So, Western guys who marry with Russian brides must be patient and spending time in teaching their Russian brides.

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