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Ladies and Gentlement, I am the webmaster of, a free
Russian dating
site. I am interested in Russian ladies in Russian
countries and top cities such as Kiev, Kherson, Moscow, Saint Petersburg,
Samara, Omsk, Kazan, Volgograd, and Russian American who currently live in
America as well as other Western countries such as Canada, Italy, Germany, and
etc. Russian lady is the most beautiful lady, especially her traditional custom
in terms of relationship, marriage, and wedding. Not only Russian women have
beautiful skinny body but their face look so cute, with a not-too-tall cute nose
and a pretty mouth.

Russian Women Looking For American MenRussian
ladies!!! I am very impressed about Russian women of their characteristics. An
Russian woman loves to keep good traditional family custom. An Russian girl
always maintain and try to support their family relationship. In fact, an
Russian lady is the one who respects her husband at most. When you meet with an
Russian girl, you will see what we are talking about here, and will see Russian
ladies are the most pretty women wife (wives) on the world. We want to say the
beauty of Russian women who are beautiful and gentle, patient and respectful to
the Russian traditional custom; that is, they take a good care of their husband
and children. Women in Russia respect their men or their husband from the time
they know their men until falling in love with their boyfriend, and get married,
and become the wives, they always respect the love that is giving by their
husbands. An Russian woman usually does not get divorced if she has an
unfaithful husband because she always to work it out to maintain her own family.

In other words, getting married with Russian women are at the best. Russian ladies from Russian countries such as
Kiev, Kherson, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Samara, Omsk, Kazan, Volgograd, and etc
are the top. And, Russian women who are currently living in the US are the next
best. Why Russian women better? Russian girls can cook delicious dinner; no
guilt trips for going out with the guys after getting married; skinny, thin, and
beautiful; no fights; and, great sex. In fact, when Western men find an Russian
lady, they never want to date with American girls again (don’t you
agree!).Russian ladies always keep classy, cultured, traditional values. They
are decent wives. In fact, some of the loveliness of Russian wives are:

  • Skinny, thin, and beautiful;
  • Cook daily meals;
  • Very family oriented;
  • Enjoys housework;
  • Hardworking;
  • Never go out for the guys;

Again, I am speaking from my experience of living with my beautiful Russian
wife. I traveled to Russia and got married with an Russian girl and she is
perfect to me. Every day, when we get home from work, I watch TV while she is
cooking to prepare for dinner. She never asks me to buy her expensive car or
home. What I meant is, Russian ladies treat us better, respect us better, and
love us more. In conclusion, Russian women are the top women to get married with. Woh!

Please let me know what your thought is!!!

Webmaster of

Author: Linda LamLinda Lam
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7 thoughts on “Russian dating women and Russian personals for singles

  1. Hello

    Whether you said you’re interested in Russian women or not, I am on your thought. Russian girls are so pretty and cute. My girlfirend is Russian American so I know how I feel about Russian ladies. The best, best, best!!!

    Thanks for sharing…

  2. Hello, I like Kiev girls better. When you mentioned about traditional custom of Russian ladies, not all applied. Some Russian American girls may not be that much traditional.
    Hope it explains.

  3. Well, not all Russian women are as skinny as you said. Some Russian women are very fat… hihihi…

  4. Are you Russian? that’s why you put a lot of compliments on Russian women. Some of Russian ladies are not as honest as you said. I agree that dating Russians women are best in terms of not asking too much money as Western girls but there is a pros and cons about Russian dating services.

  5. I think Russian women on this Russian dating service is great. Since most of other Russian brides dating personals charge members monthly fee, this Russian dating web site offer 100% free. Thanks for creating this Russian personals service.

  6. Whatz Expert, I am glad I pressed harder enough until I found 100% free dating site in germany woman, because this post on ian dating women and Russian personals for singles–Russian Dating and Russian Personals services for singles was extremely helpful. Just last Monday I was pondering on this quite a bit.

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