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A woman who knows that life is a challenge and the greatest challenege of all is to find someone real,..someone with whom one could make a team ...
I tend to put a lot of hope in everything I do and especially when it comes to other people ...
No matter how i feel ...i usually try to make others feel good, to comfort them if they need it or to be there for them whenever they need it...
I don\'t like to talk about myself too much,..but all i can say is that I have a logical mind and a sensitive soul,...
i am very ambtious and I know my way in life , but on this way I hope to find others that are like me...people who still have a soul and act human ...not like the vast majority of those around me ..
I like to make others happy and if they are happy I feel great ...I can smile ...


I am looking for someone who is ambitious, strong-willed, yet is able to compromise and communicate. Trust, loyalty and respect, need I say more? Someone who can make the most out of life and make me laugh. I believe it\'s important to spend time with your friends and family. Oh, it is quite all right if you are a sports nut. ;) I just want someone that will show me the same respect and support, and include me in their life. I want someone I can be best friends with. Someone that is considerate of others and is not selfish is key for me. I also appreciate someone who does not have to have others approval, and just knows how to be themselves, as well as someone who knows what they want and goes after it.
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